QR280 Compact centralised heat recovery unit

The QR280 is a whole-house heat recovery unit with a highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger to maximise thermal recovery. It is suitable for vertical installation and can be installed in cupboard or narrow spaces.

Example plan

The QR280ABP transfers heat from humid air extracted from wet rooms to warm incoming fresh air which is ducted to habitable rooms. Thanks to the easy-to-fit air distribution system each single ambient can be properly ventilated, the boost function enables rapid extract of increased moisture or pollutant levels. It also provides discrete installation and very quite operation.

The preheated/precooled fresh air and continuous air changes reduce the demand for additional heating/air-conditioning. The EC brushless motors significantly reduce the electricity consumption.

A mechanical ventilation system can ensure the quality of the indoor air is constantly maintained for the health and well-being of the occupants as well as of the building. Duly maintained filters ensure that incoming air is suitably filtered of dust and pollen before if enters the home.