4 Reasons to ensure your bathroom is properly ventilated

When we think about designing our dream bathroom it’s highly unlikely that the choice of ventilation is the first thing that pops into mind. Luxurious bathtubs and beautiful cabinetry usually take precedent over adequate airflow and exhausts fans that perform, but without these considerations, your dream bathroom can quickly turn in to your worst nightmare.

Although ventilation and airflow might appear to be simple considerations, they are ones that need to be taken seriously. If done incorrectly, bathrooms quickly fill with problems that could cause damage to your property, your health, and your bank account!

Here are four of the most common issues that can arise in poorly ventilated bathrooms that can be avoided by simply ventilating correctly.


Mould and Mildew

Those long steamy showers we all love after a long day at work can be the biggest culprits when it comes to mould and mildew presenting in your bathroom.

Excess moisture caused by activities like bathing or showering can get trapped in our bathroom. When the air becomes too humid, it can no longer hold the moisture in the air, resulting in excess moisture condensing onto colder surfaces and small droplets of water falling into the cracks and crevices of your bathroom.

Increases in moisture lead to higher humidity which is the perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive.

If water continues to sit on a surface black mould will start to grow which is toxic to humans. When active black mould is present it starts to omit toxic spores into the air. At worst these can then be inhaled causing a variety of health problems.

At best the spores will settle onto surfaces like carpets and clothes which can then spread, worsening the problem if there is excess moisture in the property.

It’s far easier to prevent mould than it is to remove it, so choosing the correct fan is critically important if you want to have a healthy home.

Ventilating your bathroom correctly can easily avoid mould and mildew build-up by lowering the amount of excess moisture in the air. Additionally, installing extractor fans help in removing airborne mould spores from the room, slowing down the rate of the mould.


Structural integrity

If not properly removed, moisture in the air can penetrate the walls, roof, and floors of a bathroom area. Over time, continuous absorption of moisture can result in structural materials being jeopardized.

Particularly in wood-framed rooms, moisture can cause rot and warping both of which lead to the structural integrity of a building being compromised.

Repairs to warped or rotten framing or sinking floors require extensive work that can be quite costly and time-consuming. Ensuring your bathroom is waterproofed adequately as well as being properly ventilated can mitigate the damage of moisture penetrating the envelope of your bathroom.


Health Issues

We now know the effects mould and mildew can have on our health but it is not just the mould that can have adverse effects on our wellbeing.

As well as preventing health issues that can materialise from the side effects of having poor ventilation, installing extractor fans and moving air through your bathroom can also reduce the health effects caused by cleaning.

Often bathrooms are cleaning with products full of harsh chemicals that can negatively affect our health when inhaled. Extractor fans and good ventilation can help move these chemicals out of bathrooms effectively, reducing the amount of airborne chemicals.


Comfortable Environment

Poor ventilation also makes for an uncomfortable bathroom. Without adequate ventilation, bathrooms can quickly turn into stifling steam-filled saunas with your only reprieve coming from a cracked window.

Another benefit of having good ventilation is never having to deal with fog-covered windows and mirrors. There is nothing worse than trying to get ready in front of a clouded mirror or trying to wipe away excess condensation that has settled on it.

Ensuring that ventilation is a top consideration when planning a bathroom will mitigate the chances of moisture causing mould, structural damage, health issues, and discomfort in the future.

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