Reaching the highest peak

From our beginning, over 40 years ago, we have worked on engineering ground breaking industrial and commercial ventilation solutions across a range of industries and applications. Fast forward to today, we have been expanding our range to include smart solutions for your every day residential needs. When we recommend products, we stand behind the performance and quality within. We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for your requirements so when we saw a way we could improve our offering, we began engineering fans for your home and business.

“Apex is defined as the culminating point”

We won’t be satisfied until the air quality in your home is enhanced. The design, testing and engineering has culminated in the creation of a new breed of fan. Apex Air Science is the art of engineering a product to redefine ventilation standards. We have spent years in the best research and development laboratories to develop a range that exceeds anything else on the market. The Quasar and Rapid Response are two examples of Apex Air Science optimisation.


Over two years of development and countless prototypes have led to the ultra quiet extract fan. When only some fan motors last just 3,000 hours, the Quasar is rated to last more than 30,000, giving you an indication of just how powerful this fan is.

See more about the Quasar here.

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response is a ceiling exhaust fan unlike any other. Two years of engineering has culminated in a ceiling fan that is the most powerful and quietest in its class. It’s available in two different sizes so no matter the application you can experience the Apex difference.

See more about the Rapid Response here.

We are constantly working on new and exciting developments to provide you with the optimal air experience. Learn more about Apex Air Science here. If you’re ready to experience the difference that Apex Air Science makes, get in touch with one of our Ventilation Specialists today.